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The vision of UPT (Technical Implementation Unit) Library is as an information service provider that supports the guidance and development of a qualified academic atmosphere at University of Bengkulu. While the mission is to provide access to information and information services to support Tri Dharma of Higher Education, to improve the quality of library resources to be relevant and professional.

Based on the vision and mission above, the purposes are :

  1. Supporting the teaching, learning and researching functions of the University by identifying, selecting, obtaining, cataloging, processing, and making possible library resources to establish monographs and series collection of relevant, update, well-balanced, and well-maintained
  2. Facilitating the effectiveness of the use of resource libraries and services for learning and research;
  3. Determining effective financial planning in accordance with the library’s strategic plan;
  4. Planing, promoting, implementing, and evaluating library activities in the university’s academic process;
  5. Establishing that library services are provided effectively and efficiently by benefiting from the development of information technology;
  6. Strengthening that library management and organizational structure are according to the achievement of library goals and objectives;
  7. Providing an environment suited to opportunities and conditioning the atmosphere to enable staff to maintain and improve performance, develop careers, contribute to their personal development.
  8. Providing a physical environment that fits the needs of user and staff collections;
  9. Establishing and maintaining two effective directions into and out of the library;
  10. Optimizing resource sharing and networking cooperation to local, national and international levels;
  11. Evaluating organizational progress and planning.