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Study Program of Medical Education (PSPD) of University of Bengkulu (Unib) was established on July 11th, 2008 with the issuance of Study Program of Medicine Education Permit (S-1) at University of Bengkulu (Decree of Directorate General of Higher Education-Ministry of National Education No. 2132/D/T/2008). PSPD as a new study program in UNIB, is currently under its direct coordinator of Rector and Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Vice Rector for General Administration, Vice Rector for Student Affairs, and Vice Rector for Cooperation. Structure at PSPD internal level consisted of Head of Program Management, Secretary of Academic and Student Affairs, and Secretary of General Administration, assisted by Branch Advance Holder (PUMC). The technical program was assisted by FK-UI (Faculty of Medicine-Indonesia University ) by entrusting a Technical Coordinator placed in PSPD UNIB. This Technical Coordinator was mainly responsible in the academic process (syllabus, curriculum, and resourcers).


Study Program of Medical Education is: “Becoming a medical education institution and a highly accredited medical science development center, producing qualified independent physicians, global vision, mastering medical science and technology, and having high moral and ethics and being able to utilize local resources


Study Program of Medical Education of University of Bengkulu has mission as mention below :

  1. Conducting education, research and dedication in the field of medicine that support health development of Bengkulu Province in particular and national health development in general;
  2. Conducting medical education that can produce graduates who can compete in the global market, both in terms of skills and mastery of medical science and technology owned and in terms of moral and professional ethics;
  3. Establishing a conducive atmosphere of medical educational to the creation of a research culture in the field of medicine and an independence culture in education and to serve the community in accordance with the medical science and technology owned;
  4. Conducting research and development of medicine in the field of parasitic diseases, especially malaria.


In particular, Education in Study Program of Medical Education (PSPD) is directed to produce doctors with competence and technical ability in the clinical field in order to be able to be a pioneer and supporter in the development and improvement of public health level, especially coastal community.