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University Identity


     This emblem means : SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION

1. Form and Picture

  • Rafflesia flower consisted of 5 (five) petals represents Pancasila;
  • The Sun has 17 (seventeen) lights symbolizing Number President Decision on the establishment of University of Bengkulu;
  • Two lines of small thorn circle are thirty one which symbolizes number 31;
  • Three big thorns represent number 3, which means the month of President Decision;
  • The arrangement of the first and second wave represent number 8, while the third of wave represents number 2. The two numbers are combined into 82 which is the year of the establishment of UNIB;
  • Thorns, circles and waves represent date, month and year of President Decision issued on the establishment of University of Bengkulu (31st of March, 1982);
  • The mountain symbolizes a sustainable grandeur;
  • The center moon consists of small to big circle which symbolizes the spring that flows into the river and the sea as the source that brings fertility and continuous production;
  • The sun represents the source of energy;

2. Color

a. Navy Blue

  1. Background of outer petals (edge and middle)
  2. Mountain
  3. Sea
  4. Background of thorns in the middle of flower.

2. Yellow

  • Sun
  • Petals of Rafflesia flower
  • Four big thorns
  • Small thorns are inside and outside.

B. Flag of University of Bengkulu

The flag is blue, and the emblem of university is yellow located in the middle.