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Faculty of Engineering

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Before Faculty of Engineering of University of Bengkulu was established, Study Program of Engineering had formed on Decree of Director General of Higher Education No. 2294/D/T/2003 on September 5th 2003, along with 4 (four) other study programs, namely;

Study Program of Informatics Engineering,
Study Program of Civil Engineering,
Study Program of Electrical Engineering and
Study Program of Mechanical Engineering.

Study Program of Engineering at that time was directly organizational under the control of Rector (as the coordinator of Technical Program was Vice Rector I, Dr. Ir. Fahrurrozi, M.Sc). The Faculty of Engineering (FT) is one of eight faculties located at Bengkulu University (UNIB).

Faculty of Engineering UNIB was formally established in 2006 with the establishment permission of Faculty of Engineering through Decree of Director General of Higher Education No 3233/D/T/2006 on 30th of August 2006 and led by Dean of Faculty, Dr. Ir. muhammad Syaiful, M.S. and assisted by Vice Dean I, Khairul Amri, ST., MT, Vice Dean II, Hendri Hestiawan, ST., MT., and Vice Dean III, Muhammad Fauzi, ST., MT.

The Chairman of the 4 Study Programs at that time of newly were opened in the Faculty of Engineering of UNIB namely;

Desi Andreswari ST., M.Cs (Study Program of Informatics Engineering),

Fepy Supriani, ST., MT (Study Program of Civil ENgineering),

Dedi Suryadi, ST., MT (Study Program of Mechanical Engineering) and

Anizar Indriyani, ST., M.T (Study Program of Electrical Engineering)