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In accordance with the Development Master Plan (RIP), University of Bengkulu, since its establishment, has planned the establishment of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA). However, the policy taken to realize it is gradually in accordance with existing conditions.

Sesuai dengan Rencana Induk Pengembangan (RIP), Universitas Bengkulu, sejak awal berdirinya, telah merencanakan pendirian Fakultas MIPA (FMIPA). Namun demikian, kebijakan yang diambil untuk mewujudkan hal itu adalah secara bertahap sesuai dengan kondisi yang ada.

The phases that have been taken are :

  • Preparation Phase, has been done by recruiting lectures of MIPA. They were temporarily entrusted  to Faculty of Agriculture and FKIP. In this phase, the lecturers were supproted to do self-development by continuing Master and Doctoral study, thus it resulted a good qualification and performances of the lecturers in implementing Tri Dharma of MIPA. Further, this phase was signed with the establishment of teaching and learning means, especially on the establishment of T Building (which is now becomes FMIPA dean building), V building (Laboratory) and Basic Science Building of 4500 m2 for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology laboratories.
  • Phase of Institution Coaching, has been done by forming UPT MIPA based on Rector of UNIB Decree No. 1152/PT43.H/Q/1993 on May 13th, 1993. UPT MIPA is an academic supporting element in MIPA that consists of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics fields. This unit serves the implementation of Tri Dharma, especially teaching and learning process of mathematics and natural sciences which the students come from FKIP and Faculty of Agriculture.
  • Phase of establishment of FMIPA is followed by the opening of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Study Programs. The more systematic opening of FMIPA has become an integral part of the Strategic Plan of 1996-2005. In the Strategy Planning (RENSTRA) text, it was stated that the opening of FMIPA was held before 2000. Alhamdulillah the plan has been realized since 12 August 1999 by issuing the Decree of Ministry of Education and Culture No. 195/O/1999 on the establishment of FMIPA in University of Bengkulu.

Vision :

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of University of Bengkulu makes a faculty that holds quality of education, research, and application of MIPA at Southeast Asia level in 2025, especially in the management of natural resources and tropical environment to support sustainable development.

Mission : 

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of University of Bengkulu is doing the task of education, research and community service in the field of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

  • Education Mission : To form graduates who are capable of mastering sciences in the field of MIPA, have a scientific attitude, skillful in using scientific method, have good character and leadership, and quickly cooperate in work team, thus the graduates are able to face challenges and changes in globalization era.
  • Researches Mission ; 1. Placing Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the forefront of the development of MIPA, particularly in management assessments, and modeling the tropical environment. 2. Publishing the research results in national and international journals.
  • Community Services Mission ; 1. Able to apply the research results in the field of MIPA in order to give maximum benefit for the wider community needs. ; 2. Acting proactively to provide solutions to the problems faced by the community.