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Faculty of Agriculture

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Faculty of Agriculture was established on April 24th of 1982. Faculty of Agriculture has operated under  Decree (SK) of Minister of Education and Culture No. 0218/0/82 on June 22nd, 1982. At the beginning of its establishment until 1992, Faculty of Agriculture had only one department namely Department of Agriculture Cultivation with one Study Program (SP), namely Agronomy Study Program with of S-1 (Bachelor) level.

In its journey along with the development of technology and science, in 1993 Faculty of Agriculture was developed into one Department with 4 SP. These four programs are Agronomy, Livestock Production and Socio-Economic Agriculture. The legality of this study program was enhanced by the Directorate General of Higher Education through Decree No. 214/DIKTI/Kep/1996, on July 11th, 1996.

Early in 1998, Directorate General of Higher Education through Decree No. 50/DIKTI/Kep/1998 on February 23rd, 1998, approved the opening of new Study Program under the Department of Agriculture Cultivation, namely Plant Pest and Disease, Soil Science, and Agriculture Industrial Technology. Furthermore, through the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education No. 63/DIKTI/Kep/1998 on February 26th of 1998, also approved the opening of three new majors namely Department of Forestry with Forest Cultivation Study Program, Department of Animal Husbandry with Animal Production Study Program and Department of Agricultural Socio-Economic with Agricultural Socio-Economic / Agribusiness Study Program.

Starting the academic year of 2004/2005, Faculty of Agriculture offers professional programs of D-3 (Diploma) Agribusiness and Diploma Estate Management. Diploma Agribusiness Program that accepts students in UNIB campus and one class which is cooperation program with Government of Bengkulu Province located in Kepahyang Regency. Furthermore, two new majors opened in 2006, namely Department of Agricultural Technology and Department of Plant Protection.

Revitalization of study program of Faculty of Agriculture was done along with the release of Decree of Higher Education No. 163/DIKTI/KEP/2007. This decree contains the Structuring and Codification of Study Programs in Higher Education which requires Faculty of Agriculture to organize the existing study programs. The result of this arrangement is the formation of 4 programs of new study. First, Agroecotechnology Study Program which is a combination of three study programs, namely Agronomy, Plant Pest and Disease, and Soil Science Study Programs. This study program offers 3 science interests, namely agronomy, Plant Pest and Disease, and soil science. The permission for the implementation of this course has been approved by Decree of Director General of Higher Education No. 294/D/T/2010 on March 18th, 2010. The second study program of the results of the arrangement is Forestry Study Program. This study program is the arrangement of Forest Cultivation Study Program that already exist. Permission to organize this study program was Decree of Director General of Higher Education No. 293/D/T/2010 on March 18th, 2010. The third program is Livestock Study Program which was originally Livestock Production Study Program. The Livestock Study Program was conducted on the basis of Decree of Directorate General of Higher Education No. 292/D/T/2010 on March 18th, 2010. The revitalization result of the fourth study program was Agribusiness Study Program which is a revitalization of Agricultural Socio-Economic/Agribusiness. The study program, which was held on Decree of the Director General of Higher Education No. 294/D/T/2010 on March 18th, 2010, it has interests namely Agribusiness sciences and Social Science of Agricultural Economics.

In 2007, Post Graduate Program of Natural Resources and Environment Management (PSL) was opened based on Decree of Higher Education No. Dirjen No. 3541/D/T/2007 on November 5th, 2008. This Postgraduate Program has four concentrations of science, namely Environmental Policy and Management, Biodiversity and Ecotourism, Natural Resource Economics, and Biodiversity Conservation. In 2011 the Master Program of Agribusiness has been opened.

In line with the journey, Faculty of Agriculture continues to grow and develop supported by strong and clear Vision, Mission, Objectives and Strategic Plan. The Vision and Mission, as well as Objectives of Faculty of Agriculture are as follows.

Vision :

Faculty of Agriculture will be a high educational institution, research, and dedication to the people who are able to provide the best service in the management of human resources, nature, and tropical environment to realize the wishes and wills of students, society, government and entrepreneurs satisfactorily.

 Mission :

  1. Implementing Tridharma of Higher Education to achieve the benefit and the salvation of human beings.
  2. Enhancing  & developing a leading academic program in tropical environments in the field of agricultural sciences that partner with communities, governments and entrepreneurs.
  3. Establishing and improving the atmosphere and academic system to produce superior human resources in the field of agriculture to face the era of fitness, and
  4. Establishing  cooperation with society, government and employers.
  5. Expansion and improvement of society access.
  6. Improving the quality, relevance and competitiveness
  7. Strengthening governance, accountability, and public image.

The purposes :

  1. The expansion and the improvement of society access
  2. The improvement of relevance and competitiveness
  3. Strengthening governance, accountability, and public image.