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Faculty of Economics and Business

Website http://economic.unib.ac.id
E-Mail feb@unib.ac.id

Faculty of Economics, University of Bengkulu (FEB) was established based on Presidential Decree No. 17 of 1982, dated March 31, 1982, and was inaugurated by the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia at that time, Prof. Dr. David Yusuf. FEB has 1 vocational program, 3 undergraduate programs, 3 postgraduate programs, and 2 doctoral programs.

Vision and Mission of Faculty of Economics, University of Bengkulu:


“As a highly competitive provider of education, research, and service to meet the needs of stakeholders at ASEAN level in 2025”.


  1. Building and creating a harmonious academic atmosphere in the intellectual aspirational system;
  2. Organizing Study Programs that support development activities in the economic field to the demands of the ASEAN region and the times;
  3. Improving and developing excellent academic programs as well as establishing partnerships with stakeholders;
  4. Improving the competitiveness of graduates through the development, improvement, and consolidation of academic programs that are strategic, effective, comprehensive, and relevant to the development of the era of globalization;
  5. Carrying out research and community service to environmental needs.