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Faculty of Teacher Training and Education

No. Telp/ Hp : 085273804111 ; 085268279494

Faculty of Teacher Training and Educationb(FKIP) of University of Bengkulu (UNIB) has vision to be “Educational Institutions of World Class Educators in 2025″. The vision is mandate and description of UNIB’s vision as “World Class University of 2025”. To realize the vision, FKIP has made various efforts. One of them is by upgrading the promotion  through Web.

FKIP has been growing up to be big faculty both inside and outside of UNIB. The realization is that FKIP UNIB is one of FKIP in Indonesia which accepts mandate as the organizer of Integrated Teacher Professional Program (PPGT) since 2011. Almost all study programs have been accredited by BAN-PT with good qualification. It has a wide selection of courses ranging from Diploma (D-III), Bachelor (S1), Masters (S2), and Doctoral (S3). Various cooperation both domestically and abroad continue to be built. Students studying at FKIP consist of various multi-ethnic and multinational.

FKIP UNIB offers a range of educational courses from Diploma, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral programs in the field of teacher training and education. The developed curriculum refers to Indonesian National Competition Qualification (KKNI), Teacher Professional Education (PPG), Ministry of Higher Education, and National Education Standards. Further, FKIP offers a short training program of Bahasa Indonesia for Foreign Speakers, Bengkulu Cultural Education and Art, Educational Management of Science Lab Management and so on.