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President of MCUT Taiwan Visited UNIB to Increase Coorperation

President of Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT) Taiwan, Dr. Thu-Hua Liu, and his entourages visited UNIB and held a collaborative meeting to increase international cooperation between institutions, Wednesday (11/13/2019) in the meeting room of rectorate building of UNIB.

The group consists of Dr. Fong-Jui (Kevin) Liu (Dean, MCUT Office of Research and Development), Dr. Chieh-Lan (Winnie) Li (Director of the Center for International Affairs), Dr. Meng-Jey Youh (Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering), Dr. Jau-Rong (Kelly) Chen (Associate Professor of the Department of Business and Management), Dr. Miao-Hsien (Joyce) Chuang (Assistant Professor of the Department of Visual Communication Design), Dr. Tsung-Yu (Kyle) Huang (Assistant Professor of the Department of Materials Engineering) and Ms. Yi-Chun (Krystal) Liu (Assistant Center of International Affairs).

The group was well received by Rector of University of Bengkulu, Prof. Dr. Ridwan Nurazi, SE, M.Sc along with the staff. Also present, the Vice Rectors, Bureaus, Institutions, Partnership and International Office, the Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business and the Dean of Faculty of Engineering, as well as several Vice Deans and from several Study Programs who would carry out the program together with the MCUT.

UNIB’s collaboration with Taiwan’s Ming-Chi University of Technology (MCUT) has been going well in the past few years. After signing the MoU in 2017, joint activities in 2018 and 2019 have been carried out. Some activities that have taken place such as student exchange.

In 2018, four students of the Faculty of Engineering held an internship at MCUT for 3 months. Then four students (from FEB and FMIPA) joined the Cultural Camp Program at MCUT. In addition, in 2018, four MCUT students took the Summer Course at University of Bengkulu. In 2019, 2 UNIB students (from FKIP) attended the Cultural Camp at MCUT.

UNIB students participating in the Cultural Camp program at MCUT are part of the Student Mobility Program activities carried out by UNIB through the KSLI UPT.

After delivering remarks from Rector of UNIB and the President of MCUT, the Director, Center of International Affairs explained further about the MCUT, then continued presentations from several departments in MCUT.

After the presentation, the two parties held a Focused Discussion to discuss in more detail the two parties’ program plans. This focused discussion was led by Dr. Yansen, Head of Partnership and International Affairs.

To the Public Relations Team, Dr. Yansen explained, from this meeting, UNIB and MCUT would carry out several joint programs, including the 3 + 2 program between several Study Programs at UNIB and MCUT, the development of research collaboration and staff exchange.

In this 3 + 2 program plan, it is planned that UNIB students in several Study Programs will carry out lectures for the first 3 years at UNIB and carry out at fourth year lecture at MCUT to take courses and thesis. Students will then complete undergraduate lectures at UNIB. In the fifth year, students who have completed their Bachelor’s degree will be offered to continue their Master’s education.

Beberapa Program Studi di UNIB menyatakan siap melaksanakan program tersebut. Untuk saat ini, Program studi yang direncanakan akan menjalankan program ini adalah Prodi Manajemen, Prodi Teknik Mesin dan Prodi Teknik Elektro, Prodi Teknologi Informasi dan Prodi Kimia. Dari pihak MCUT akan memfasilitasi melalui Department yang sesuai yang ada di MCUT.

Several Study Programs at UNIB said that they were ready to implement the program. For now, the study programs planned to run this program are Management, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, and Chemical. From the MCUT will facilitate through the appropriate Department in the MCUT.

UNIB students who will carry out the fourth year lecture at MCUT will get facilities in the form of free tuition and accommodation. Meanwhile, when studying for another year on the Master Program, UNIB students will get a full Scholarship.

“We will maximize this plan so that it can be implemented well as an implementation encouraging the realization of the vision of the institution that is as a world class university in 2025,” said Dr. Yansen. [Hms1/KSLI].

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