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MCUT Taiwan and UNIB Hold Public Lecture and Participants Selection of Fasttrack 3+2 Program

International cooperation between Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT) of Taiwan and University of Bengkulu (UNIB) began to be realized with public lecture activity and selection of prospective participants of the Fasttrack 3 + 2 program. This activity took place in UNIB, Tuesday (1/28/2020).

Head of Partnership and International Affairs (UPT KSLI), Yansen, Ph.D said that the MCUT delegation who attended the event was Prof. Chuang Jan Chang and colleagues from the Dept. Electronics Engineering Ming Chi University of Technology. Arriving at UNIB, Prof. Chuang was welcomed by Rector of UNIB, Prof. Dr. Ridwan Nurazi, S.E, M.Sc. in his office.

After having an audience with the Rector, Prof. Chuang gave a public lecture to hundreds of the Faculty of Engineering students. The public lecture material is closely related to the results of his latest research, about Fisheye imaging technology.

This public lecture was held by the Faculty of Engineering, UNIB in an effort to improve the academic atmosphere and provide knowledge enrichment to students. The event was opened by Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Lizar Alfansi, S.E., MBA., Ph.D. and was guided by Novalio Daratha, S.T., M.Sc, Ph.D. as the moderator.

After sharing knowledge and experience with UNIB students, Prof. Chuang also selected UNIB Faculty of Engineering alumni to become participants in the Fasttrack 3 + 2 program. This program is a follow-up to MoU between Rector of UNIB, Prof. Ridwan Nurazi with the MCUT President, Dr. Thu-Hua Liu a while ago.

What is the Fasttrack 3 + 2 program? For the students who pass the selection to participate in this program, then in 7th and 8th semester of Bachelor degree at UNIB they will take several courses and conduct research at MCUT Taiwan for the final project which is research for thesis.

Then, in the following year, participants continue their studies to obtain a Master degree, so that in just 5 years, participants obtain a degree from UNIB and a degree from the Taiwan MCUT as well as a final degree from the Master level.

“Today the administration selection of the Fasttrack 3 + 2 program has been held for students of the Faculty of Engineering and the selection results were announced immediately by Ming Chi University of Technology,” said Yansen, Ph.D.

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering UNIB, Dr. Boko Susilo said that he was very proud to have held a public lecture by presenting the speaker from MCUT Taiwan. Then, it became a pride because the students of the Faculty of Engineering got the first chance to get involved and become participants in the Fasttrack 3 + 2 program that would be carried out in collaboration with UNIB and MCUT.

“All of these activities are our joint efforts to encourage the realization of UNIB’s mission as a World Class University. The Fasttrack 3 + 2 program is a great opportunity for students to improve the quality of science, and can cut one year of study to get a Masters degree, “he said.[Hms1/KSLI/eve].

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