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Business Strategy Plan (RSB) of University of Bengkulu

The implementation of higher education currently faces a change of life environment situation that is not easy to predict and control. Not to mention the changes that occur today, there has been a new development in an environment that is able to influence the policy of universities. The essence of the change includes covering unpredictable technological and information developments, as well as the change in the views of local to global societies’ lives. Further, in view of 2015, Indonesia has included ASEAN Community, from government to governance, from state-oriented to society-oriented, from economic growth to human development. In response to these changes, higher education should be able to neutrally position itself as a place of learning and as a resource of knowledge. In addition, higher education plays a role in responding to changing job market demands, universities as cultural centers and open learning for all, as well as higher education for international cooperation rides.

University of Bengkulu (UNIB) as one of higher education, is required to follow the changes, including changes to the regulations governing the implementation of higher education. One effort to follow these changes, Unib set a Business Strategic Plan (Renstra) in units of time. Vision of UNIB in 2025 “Becoming a Superior University in World Class Higher Education”.

Business Strategic Plan (RSB) of University of Bengkulu

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1 Business Strategic Plan (RSB) Year 2014-2018
2 Business Strategic Plan (RSB) Year 2019-2023
3 Business Strategic Plan (RSB) Year 2020-2024