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Requirements of Scholarship Admission

1. Purposes and Objectives

  1. As an effort to increase and equity of learning opportunity for students who have high academic achievement but not or less in financial. Some are not based on financial ability.
  2. Reducing the number of college dropouts, because they are less able to finance education.
  3. Giving awards to the outstanding students, whether in Regional, National and International levels in reasoning, welfare, interest and talent activities in order to be expected to improve achievement and motivation for other students.

2. Requirements

The scholarship is given to active students in Diploma and Regular Undergraduate from I (first) to VII (seventh) semester (Bidik Misi) and II (second) to VII (eighth) semester (PPA scholarship). further, for other students, the scholarship depends on the sponsor demand. The requirements are as folows:

  1. Application Letter addressed to Recto Cq. Vice Rector for Students Affairs.
  2. Photocopy of Student Card (KTM )
  3. Photocopy  of current LHS, GPA minimal 3,00 (PPA, BTN, BRI, Djarum), 2,50 – 2,75 other scholarship and special for new students of Bidik Misi program
  4. Semester (tergantung penyandang dana/sponsor
  5. Photocopy PKK’s certificate of University level
  6. Photocopy of Family Card
  7. Photocopy electricity bills / property taxes
  8. Certificate of inability from the local village and include the income of parents per month (for parents who has low income)
  9. Certificate of parents’ income / Guardian legalized by the authorities (civil servants is by financial division, while for the private workers is by the Village Head)
  10. The statement of not being submitted another scholarship (double scholarship) known by the Vice Dean for Student Affairs of each faculty
  11. Unmarried statement known by the Vice Dean for Student Affairs of each faculty
  12. Pas Photo (Alma mater jacket size 4 x 6 = 1 (one) piece)
  13. The latest drug-free certificate from the Government Hospital (Bayangkara Hospital)

3. Obligations for Scholarship Grantee

  1. Utilize the funds to improve academic achievement.
  2. Be active in student coaching activities both Faculty level and University.
  3. Report the progress of learning achievement (Academic Transcript or LHS).

4. Termination / Dismissal of Scholarship

  1. The scholarship recipient dies.
  2. Have finished his study.
  3. Resigning.
  4. Declining achievement.
  5. The donor agency is dissoluted.
  6. The data given is incorrect.
  7. Breaking the rules / the applicable provisions in University or Faculty.

5. Procedures of Scholarship

  1. The financier / sponsor offers the scholarship as well as the procedures of it through Vice Rector for Student Affairs.
  2. Vice Rector for Student Affairs sends the scholarship and the procedures to each faculty.
  3. Vice Dean for Student Affairs sends the proposal of the scholarship recipients to the University based on the quota and the implementation instructions of the Vice Rector for Student Affairs.
  4. The scholarship manager (Subbag Kesmawa) collects the proposals from the Faculty and then proceeds according to the guidelines and conditions set by the financier.
  5. Issuance of Rector / funders’ decree on scholarship recipients is done by Sub-Division of Student Affairs of University.
  6. The scholarship manager will follow up in accordance with the regulation / request of funders / sponsors.
  7. After the scholarship is sent to the Rector’s account, the scholarship is transferred to each account of recipient.

6. System of Scholarship Disbursement

  1. The student must sign the list of receipt of accountability letters (SPJ) in Sub-Division for Student Affairs of Rectorate.
  2. The students submit copy of scholarship savings account (depend on the funder / sponsorship) to Subbag Kesmawa of Rectorate to be recapped.
  3. If the scholarship fund has been entered in the account of the scholarship fund of the University of Bengkulu at Bank Tabungan Negara or the designated Bank, Scholarship Manager then asks the bank to transfer the scholarship funds to the account of each student
  4. The disbursement of scholarship depends on the funding party, could be monthly, quarterly or semester

7. Total and Length of Scholarship Grant Period

The total and length of the scholarship period depends on the sponsor, the period of scholarship is generally valid for one year (12 months) starting from 1 st of January to 31st of December of the year and 1st of June to 31st of July of the following year.

8. Reporting System

Reporting of liability distribution is done in accordance with the provisions of the funders / sponsors in quarter, semester or year.


For further information, contact here:
Sub-Division of Student Affairs
Rectorate Building, ground floor of University of Bengkulu
Telp. 0736 – 21170 ext. 131