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Purposes and Functions


Based on the mission, the purposes of University of Bengkulu are written below:

  1. Supervising and developing a qualified learning environment;
  2. Producing graduates who are qualified and professional, have national characters and global vision, to meet local, national and international needs;
  3. Dedicating all efforts for developing, reasoning, and implementing the science and technology, as well as becoming UNIB as a supreme education center;
  4. Developing environmentally friendly science and technology through a qualified research, and always trying to improve the quality of mutually beneficial cooperation with government, private agencies, and industries in local, center and other country level;
  5. Performing commitment and increasing the quality of perpetuation to society due to meet dynamical society needs;
  6. Creating the improvement of services quality, education supremacy, budget independency, transparency, accountability, and professionalism through continuous quality enhancement, innovation, dedication, care, mutual respect, and team work spirit; and
  7. Growing up a supreme entrepreneurship program.



  1. Implementing the development of higher education.
  2. Implementing studies to improve cultures especially for science, technology, art and sport.
  3. Implementing Devotion to society.
  4. Implementing guidance of academicians and relation with environment.
  5. Implementing administration services.