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Performance Report of the University of Bengkulu

The implementation of University of Bengkulu activities each year was aimed at improving the overall service quality within the framework of university autonomy. One of the reasons for the necessity of autonomy is the rapid development of technology and information, the big socio-political changes in Indonesia, and the globalization of the world economy that requires a college posture that can respond quickly and accurately to performance programs. With the authority of current conditions and circumstances, it is difficult for universities to respond quickly and accurately. Otherwise, doing autonomy is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand because of many things to be considered.

To realize the Vision and Mission, some internal policies have been handed by University of Bengkulu in 2016, one of them was UNIB preparation to come in transition phase to autonomy. Based on the internal transition, the basic policy has been established which was the shift of priority scale of the existing program and was contained in Business Strategy Plan of University of Bengkulu of 2014-2018 and the annual performance plan of UNIB’s Rector.

In the context of Strategic Issues of the Directorate General of Higher Education through the Higher Education Document Long Term Strategy (HELTS) with the intention of The nation’s competitiveness, Autonomy, Organizational Health, each program with its organizing activities should be a concrete effort to describe this strategic issue by giving high priority to the University’s transitional programs to the Higher Education of Public Service Agency (PT-BLU).

Meanwhile, the ever-evolving and dynamically changing external situation of socio-economic, political and technological change in society is both a challenge and an opportunity for higher education organizations to react quickly in response to changes in community demands. In line with the society’s demand for its role, the University of Bengkulu will continue to develop itself in contributing to the nation and state in the form of findings in various fields of science and technology, as well as improving the quality of graduates to position themselves in various strategic sectors in this country, through the management of institutions effectively and efficiently.

 All the report are presented below:

No Year Performance Agreement Performance Report LHE
1 2011
2 2012
3 2013
4 2014
5 2015  –
6 2016  –
7 2017  –
8 2018  –
9 2019 Kemenristekdikti dan PK-BLU  –
10 2020 Kemdikbud dan PK-BLU
11 2021 Kemdikbud dan PK-BLU