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Information Center

A. General Information
1. State Information, Address and Contact
2. Organization Structure
3. General View of University of Bengkulu
4. Profile of Structural Officials
5. Vision and Mision
6. Purposes dan Functions
B. Institutional Information
1. Accreditation of Higher Education Institution 
2. Accreditation of Study Program and List of Program Study Accreditation
3. List of Study Programs
C. Academic Information
1. Academic Calendar
2. Student Admission Selection
3. Information of New Student Registration
4. Tuition Fee (UKT)
5. Requirements of UKT’s Re-Enactment Application for UNIB Students
6. Information of Post Graduate Program
D. Scholarship Information
1. Scholarships of 2017
2. Requirements of Scholarship Admission
3. Foreign Students Scholarship
E. Graduation Information
1. Online Graduation Registration
2. Announcement of Graduation Registration
3. Total of Graduate Students of UNIB to Present (2018)
F. Reports and Public Information
1. Periodic Report
a. Business Strategies Plan (RSB) of University of Bengkulu
b. Financial Report
c. Statement of Performance Accountability of Government Institutional of University of Bengkulu
d. Annual Report of University of Bengkulu
e. Information of Work Plan and Budget of University of Bengkulu in 2018
f. UNIB on numbers of 2011-2015
g. Statictics Data of UNIB (Even Semester of 2016/2017)
h. Recording of State’s Goods (CALBMN) 
2. Other Information
a. Information of UNIB’s Regulation
b. Information of Rights and Procedures to Have Public Information
c. Information of Procedures of Authority Abuse Complaint
d. Information of the Procurement of Goods and Services
e. Information of Organization, Administration, and Employee Affair
f. Information of Research Results of UNIB’s Lecturers in 2010-2015
g. Information of Remuneration Implementation Guidance of Public Service Agency (BLU)