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UNIB Joint Mobility Program for Lecturer and Staff to Abroad

Aside to improving the quality of learning and building significant infrastructure to support the implementation of a qualified Tri Dharma of Higher Education, currently UNIB also continued to increase “internationalization” through various programs both by faculty and university facilitated by Office of Partnership and International Affairs (UPT KSLI) of UNIB.

The various programs were initiated by increasing UNIB’s international cooperation with a number of universities abroad (MoU and MOA). Then, it was applied in the form of an international accreditation program, joint research and publication of international scientific works, as well as international seminar and workshop activities.

Then, with the increase of international cooperation, UNIB also applied it in the form of mobility program which included student exchange and sending lecturers and staff to “short learning” to collaborative partner of abroad universities .

“These programs are aimed at increasing the internationalization of UNIB to encourage the realization of the institution’s vision to become World Class University (WCU) in 2025,” said Head of UPT KSLI UNIB, Dr. Yansen.

For special program mobility for lecturers and staff, UNIB has recently carried out a number of lecturers and staff to abroad. On October 31st to November 16th, 2018, Lecturer at the Department of Socio-Economic Faculty of Agriculture, UNIB Dr. Andi Irawan attended the International Course in the Netherlands.

Dr. Andi Irawan received a Fellowship (scholarship) Short Course “Learning, action research, and outreach – Making higher education boost food security” which is supported by full sponsorship (all course fees, travel, accommodation and consumption) from the Netherlands Government’s Orange Knowledge Program and cost assistance visa application from UPT KSLI UNIB.

During those three weeks, Dr. Andi Irawan carried out activities in Wageningen, Netherlands. Besides class activities, he visited to HAS University and Wageningen University. These two universities in the Netherlands apply the real-life learning method for their students.

The participants of this activity were 17 people who received the scholarship. The 17 participants were from Indonesia, Georgia, Mali, Benin, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Ghana, Egypt, Pakistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Mozambique.

Then, mid October – November 2018, UNIB also sent several lecturers and education staff to several universities in ASEAN in the mobility program.

Lecturers who followed this mobility program are Irnanda Priyadi, S.T, MT from the Faculty of Engineering and Pepi Novianti, S.Si, M.Sc from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Both of them conducted lecturer exchange programs for two weeks at the University of Malaya, Malaysia, in accordance with their respective faculties (Department of Electrical Engineering and Department of Mathematics).

During his time at the University of Malaya, Irnanda Priyadi joint various activities including exploring collaborative research, developing teaching materials and also conducting laboratory visits. Likewise Pepi Novianti, she also conducted activities related to Data Mining and Computer Intensive Methods, explored collaborative research and development of teaching materials, seek PhD programs at UM and participated in the preparation of the Pre-Symposium Workshop and The 2nd Data Science Symposium.

Then for the staff, UNIB sent two staffs for the mobility program. The two staff members were Agus Suyanto, M, IP from UPT KSLI and Adi Idham Siregar, S.Ikom from the General and Public Relations (Protocol).

These two staffs followed the activities in International Office for one week at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City (BUH). The activities are apprenticeship, capacity building and collaboration related to the implementation of exchange programs.

“The mobility program for lecturers and staff is to increase capacity which is expected to improve the performance of lecturers and education staff. This is then expected to be able to support the internationalization program at the University of Bengkulu, “said Dr. Yansen.[Hms1/ksli/eve]

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