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UNIB Collaborates with Kanagawa University Japan

To encourage the realization of the institution’s vision as a World Class University in 2025, UNIB continues to enhance international cooperation. This time the collaboration was conducted with Kanagawa University, Japan. With this collaboration, UNIB is its partner in Indonesia because it is the first university from Indonesia to collaborate with this university.

This cooperation was established after REctor of UNIB, Dr. Ridwan Nurazi, M.Sc, accompanied by Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Lizar Alfansi, SE, MBA, Ph.D and other UNIB delegates made an official visit and discussed aspects of cooperation with the leadership of Kanagawa University (KU) on Wednesday (11/28/2018).

The visit of UNIB’s delegation was welcomed and full of friendship by the President of Kanagawa University, Prof. Yoshio Kaneko accompanied by Vice President, Prof. Daisuke Miura; Director of International Center Prof. Akihiro Matoba, Prof. Harumi Go (Faculty of Economics) and other Kanagawa University staff.

From UNIB itself, not only Rector and Vice Rector for Academic Affairs but also Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNIB, Dr. Fahrudin JS Pareke; Vice Dean of FEB for Resources, Dr. Efed Darta, MBA; Coordinator of MM FEB UNIB, Dr. Slamet; Head of office of Partnership and International Affairs, Dr. Yansen, as well as two lecturers of FEB UNIB, Dr. Purmini and Dr. Roose Marina Rambe.

Judging from the number of faculties, departments and study programs, then the number of active students and the number of lecturers and administrative staff, Kanagawa University Japan is not much different from UNIB even though it is seen from its age the university was founded in 1928, much older than UNIB which was founded in 1982.

At present, Kanagawa University has 7 faculties, 20 departments and 9 graduate programs. The numbers of active students are around 18,000 for undergraduate degrees and around 500 graduate students. The University has two campuses, namely Yokohama Campus and Shonan-Hiratsuka Campus, with 1,515 lecturers and 354 administrative staffs. The motto of Kanagawa University is “To the world, to the future.”

Head of office of Partnership and International Affairs, Dr. Yansen explained, at the meeting of Rector of UNIB with President Kanagawa University, many things were discussed regarding aspects of the cooperation that would be carried out. Kanagawa University has a focus on the fields of social sciences, economics and business and law. However, it also has the Faculty of Sciences.

After meeting with President of Kanagawa University and other Executives, intensive discussions continued with the Director of International Center of KU, Prof. Akihiro Matoba. In this chance, was discussed the opportunities for cooperation such as student mobility, mobility staff and joint research.

“From a number of opportunities for collaboration, we agreed to carry out real activities that were immediately implemented, such as student exchange programs. Umbrella legal cooperation has been prepared in the form of MoU and MOA. But this document must be reviewed in the future, then signed by both parties, “said Dr. Yansen.

Further Dr. Yansen explained, with this collaboration later, Kanagawa University would be willing to provide YONEDA Yoshimori Education Scholarship for student exchange from UNIB in the form of transfer credit for one semester. The scholarship covers tuition fees for each program, living expenses and accommodation for one semester. “Of course the number of scholarships will be very limited,” he said.

Then vice versa, UNIB can also accept students from Kanagawa University to conduct study programs at UNIB. “We hope and will continue to work in mid-2019 or early 2020, this student exchange activity can be carried out,” Yansen said.

In the development, Dr. Yansen, the collaboration between UNIB and Kanagawa University is expected to expand even further, not limited to student exchange. Because if the cooperation memorandum has been signed, UNIB will become the first partner university in Indonesia.

“We are the first university from Indonesia to collaborate with KU. Therefore, in addition to the student exchange, the collaboration between the two institutions could cover many broader aspects, “said Yansen. [Hms1/ksli/eve]

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