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UNIB and USM HELD FGD Knowledge Transfer Program

OFFICE of Partnership and International Affairs (UPT KSLI) of UNIB again held international activity. This time is an international collaboration on the Knowledge Transfer Program in the form of a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) between the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) delegation and dozens of UNIB’s academics and researchers.

The event was held one day and opened officially by Vice Rector for Resources, Dr. Ir. Sigit Sujatmiko, M.Sc., in Senate Meeting Room of rectorate building, Thursday (30/8/2018).

“We are very proud and welcome the USM delegations who came to UNIB to exchange ideas and discuss the possibility of international collaboration in the field of knowledge transfer program ,” said Head of Partnership and International Affairs of UNIB, Yansen, Ph.D.

Yansen explained, the USM delegations who came to UNIB were Prof. Haslan Abu Hassan, Prof. Hamidi Abdul Aziz, Assoc. Prof. Zahurin Samad, Dr. Hadura Abu Hassan, Dr. Husnul Azan Tajaruddin and Mr. Zulqarnain Wahid. While the FGD participants from UNIB were 40 lecturers and researchers representing eight faculties in UNIB.

International Collaboration in the field of Knowledge Transfer Program aims to mutually transfer tangible and intangible intellectual property, expertise, learning and skills between academics and also with non-academic communities.

Many aspects of knowledge transfer are discussed in this meeting. Forms of transfer and interaction can include joint research, consultation, education, training, graduate development, conferences, sharing of physical facilities and student placement.

“This program is very useful for the development of knowledge and improving the quality and capacity of institutions. For UNIB itself, this activity is one of the implementation of university internationalization, “said Yansen.

Vice Rector for Resources, Dr. Ir. Sigit Sujatmiko, M,Sc., welcomed the international meeting of UNIB – USM. Hopefully this meeting will further enhance UNIB’s internationalization in the academic field. This activity also became one of the implementations to encourage the realization of UNIB’s vision as a world class university (WCU) in 2025.

“Welcome to UNIB and we thank the USM delegations. Hopefully this international meeting will benefit all of us in the effort to develop knowledge, improve the quality of teaching and research, and improve the existence of institutions in the international area, “said Dr. Sigit Sujatmiko.

After having discussions and sharing knowledge, USM delegates took time to visit several laboratories and research locations in UNIB. One of the highlights of the USM delegation was that UNIB has research center and turtle breeding. [Ksli/Hms1/eve/Foto:Ngamarudin].

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