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The Peak Day of the celebration of the 36th Anniversary of UNIB Presented Rector of UNIB, Plt. Governor of Bengkulu and Rector of IPB

The peak day of the celebration of the 36th anniversary of  University of Bengkulu in 2018 was held in the Open Plenary Meeting of Senate with the agenda of listening to the speech by Rector of UNIB Dr. Ridwan Nurazi, M.Sc; welcome speech by Plt. Governor of Bengkulu, H. Rohidin Mersyah; and Scientific Oration by the Rector of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Arif Satria, SP, M.Si, Tuesday (4/24/2018).

Senate Open Plenary Meeting of University of Bengkulu in the framework of the 36th Anniversary of UNIB was opened by the Chairman of the Senate, Ir. Nusril, attended by senators and professors, as well as hundreds of invitations from various elements of government and private agencies, along with other university rectors in Bengkulu.

Also present the members of Commission X of the House of Representatives of the Regional Elections of Bengkulu, Dewi Coryati; Kepahiang Regent, Dr. Hidayat; Mayor of Bengkulu, H. Helmi Hasan who was represented by Assistant II of Bengkulu City Government; and a number of other important figures.

Rektor of UNIB, Dr. Ridwan Nurazi said thank you to Rector of IPB, Plt. Governor of Bengkulu, who delivered their speech, appreciation and motivation for UNIB which on this day was 36 years old, April 24th of 1982 – April 24th of 2018.

At the age of 36, said Rector, many work achievements of the leaders of UNIB  that has been achieved earlier until now, thus UNIB become a public university that prides Bengkulu community. On the other hand, the challenges are coming more to realize the great vision of UNIB which is part and inseparable derivatives of the vision of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education to be become a World Class University (WCU) in 2025.

In an effort to realize the vision, UNIB has compiled and always referred to the established time frame (miles stone), which is Strengthening the Service that had been implemented in 2011-2015, then has built and developed UNIB to enter the stage of Achieving Regional-National Competitiveness in 2016-2020, and build UNIB for the achievement of ASEAN and International Competitiveness in 2021-2025.

“So far we are still and continue to realize the development of UNIB in accordance with the mile stone set. International cooperation and international academic activities are being intensified to encourage the realization of WCU 2025 vision, “said Rector.

Then added by the Rector, cooperation and synergicity of development with local government and inter-agency also continue to be increased as the responsibility of UNIB institution which is an integral part of Bengkulu Province.

Plt. Governor of Bengkulu, Dr. drh. H. Rohidin Mersyah in his speech gave appreciation for various achievements inscribed by UNIB which at this time has aged 36 years. Since UNIB has a function and a strategic role in promoting the region and the development of the Nation, Dr. Rohidin Mersyah hoped the synergy of UNIB with Local Government and among other institutions can always be maintained and enhanced, so that the potentials of this area can be managed well and able to realize the purpose of development.

“Bengkulu has many natural resources, natural attractions such as lake and Rafflesia Arnoldi flowers, historical tours such as Bung Karno House, beach tourism is no less beautiful with other areas. Then, in terms of infrastructure we have such as Pulau Baii Harbor which will be made Special Economic Zone. By implementing the synergy development, especially the involvement of strategic role and function of UNIB which has many reliable human resources, I am optimistic that these potentials can be managed and utilized well for the progress of this region, “he said.

Meanwhile, on this special occasion, the Rector of IPB, Dr. Arif Satria, SP, M.Si delivered a scientific oration with the theme “Higher Education and Society Transformation in Industrial Revolution Era of 4.0.”

This scientific oration was greeted enthusiastically by the participants of the Senate Open Plenary Meeting of University of Bengkulu and the invitation that attended because the theme presented is very relevant to the “Now Age” where we as human beings have entered the millennia era, disruption era with new strategic environment as the impact of technological revolution, climate, globalization flows, geo-political developments and demographic structure changes.

One of the most important parts of his scientific oration, Dr. Arif Satria expressed his opinion as well as his appeal related to the strategy of higher education in entering the current disruption era. According to him, there are at least four strategic things that must be done, the first is the paradigm of college tri dharma must be aligned with industry era of 4.0.

Then the second, must do a unified learning, online in the teaching system. The third, reorient the curriculum by adding new literacy (big data, technology/coding humanities), improving new soft-skills and characters, as well as requiring entrepreneurship and internship. And the fourth is the direction of research should support new scholarship.

“The development of the times must be faced by doing various innovations because our task is to prepare for the future leadership. How to prepare for future leadership is to empower and inspire. There is a saying, a good teacher explains, great teachers are the ones that inspire, “said Dr. Arif Satria. [Hms1/eve]

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