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Socialization of Student Exchange Program by UPT KSLI UNIB

Technical Implementation Unit of Cooperation and International Services (UPT KSLI) of UNIB is incentive to socialize student exchange program abroad. This is intended as an effort to improve the quality and quantity of Student Mobility / Excellence Program in order to promote the realization of UNIB vision as a World Class University (WCU) in 2025.

Socialization has done in various ways, such as making official letter through the student affairs in each faculty, spreading information through social media, as well as holding seminars and talk shows that present experienced students who have participated in student exchange programs in previous years.

“We invite the Student Mobility / Exchange Program alumni who have successfully carried out the activities of the previous year. They share their experiences and socialize the benefits of this program with the hope to motivate other students to join the program in 2018 and the year ahead, “said Chairman of UPT KSLI UNIB, Yansen, S.Hut, M.App. Sc, Ph.D at seminar and talk show in the main hall of the rectorate building on Monday (5/2/2018).

Yansen explained, this student exchange program is to provide experience and ability of the students in the international association. Therefore, the demands of the working world in the future not only prioritize the intellectual intelligence as measured by the GPA, but require alumni who have soft skill capabilities that are globally competitive.

“We invite the students to take advantage of this opportunity. Immediately register yourself to participate in Student Exchange Program overseas, especially to universities in various countries that have become partners of UNIB cooperation, “said Yansen.

Seminar and Talk show of Student Mobility/Exchange Program of 2018 with the theme “Building Students’ Global Perspective” was officially opened by Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Dr. Syahrial, MA, M.Phil. In his speech, with energetically and eccentrically, he greatly appreciated the intensified socialization activities conducted by UPT KSLI.

“The experience proves, that the students who become alumni or have followed the Student Exchange program abroad are easier to find work. Therefore, the opportunity offered by UPT KSLI UNIB should be really used by the students through the process and the selection stage. Improve your skills, especially English so you can seize this opportunity, “he said.

This talk show was greeted enthusiastically by hundreds of students from various faculty of UNIB. Moreover, the speakers who were presented are alumni students who have felt the benefits of this Student Exchange program.

The speakers presented are Clarice Campbell who is Alumnus of Monash University, Australia and the participant of Indonesia-Australian Youth Exchange. Then, Rahmaga Febriansyah, from FMIPA UNIB who is Alumnus of Student Exchange to Japan. There is also Juwita, student of Faculty of Agriculture of UNIB, Alumnus Student Exchange to Thailand and Cambodia. And also Stella Fildzah Ghassanie, Alumnus of Sriwijaya University, the Participant of Indonesia-Australia Youth Exchange. This event is more interesting because it is moderated by Putri Cempaka Sari, Student of FKIP UNIB who is also Alumnus of Student Exchange to Thailand. [Hms1/eve&art_ch]

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