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Seminar and Workshop of “Pacific Partnership” Presented Professor from University of Hawaii

OFFICE of Partnership and International Affairs (UPT KSLI) in collaboration with Faculty of Engineering (FT) and Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) held seminar and workshop on  counter-measuring and handling post-disaster on Wednesday (28/3/2018) in the main hall of rectorate of UNIB.

This event is a support for  Cooperation program of the Navy of the Republic of Indonesia with the US Navy in “Pacific Partnership 2018”, as well as enliven the academic activities of the 36th Dies Natalis of University of Bengkulu in 2018.

The seminar and workshop were attended by hundreds of students from Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and opened by Vice Rector for Resources, Dr. Sigit Sujatmiko. The event is also attended by Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Dr. Syahrial; Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Boko Susilo; Dean of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Dr. Zulbahrum Chaniago; representative of the Regional Government of Bengkulu Province, representative of TNI (the Indonesian National Army) and lecturers.

The event was very special and greeted enthusiastically by the students because it presented experts from University of Hawaii, United States, Prof. Karl Kim, Ph.D. and Dr. Oceana P. Francais as the resource person.

Karl Kim is an alumnus of Brown University and MIT and is Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Hawaii. He also serves as Director of the Graduate Program of Disaster Management and Humanitarian Aid at the university.

By wearing batik, in front of hundreds of students, Prof. Karl Kim explained about the importance of post-disaster counter-measuring and handling quickly and accurately. “Natural disasters are very dangerous, so it needs serious handling both before and after the disaster,” he said.

Bengkulu Province and Sumatra are generally very disaster-prone areas, such as earthquake and tsunami, floods, landslides and other natural phenomena. Thus to reduce the impact of disaster risk, Karl Kim stated that an important aspect that must be considered is the resilience of the building.

“Houses, buildings, roads, drainage, dams and so on should be carefully planned, strongly designed and robust to face disaster risks. It needs new approaches for planning, developing and managing urban areas and disaster-prone areas to be resilient in the face of possible disaster, “he said.

Vice Rector for Resources, Dr. Sigit Sujatmiko, highly appreciated the event and hoped that through this academic activity can increase the information intake as well as provide science enrichment for the students and lecturers. He also expressed his gratitude for the Pacific Partnership Program of 2018 in UNIB, with a hope that it is expected to increase the existence of institutions in the national and international arena.

Previously, Head of Partnership and International Affairs, Yansen, Ph.D explained, Pacific Partnership was a joint training ground between the Indonesian National Army (TNI) and the US Navy involving local government in health and disaster management exercises with the main objective to enhance cooperation and friendship as well as improve the ability of host countries in facing disaster.

To support the event, University of Bengkulu is involved in several academic activities such as seminars and workshop of Engineering Subject Matter Expert Exchange (SMEE) : Disaster Resistant Structural Design Construction Practices, and seminar of Humanitarian assistance – Disaster Relief (DR) SMEE.

“Then in addition to academic activities, sports and entertainment events are also arranged; such as soccer matches involving Indonesian Navy and US Army at UNIB stadium, and entertainment events with band performance from US Navy in auditorium of building C of UNIB ,” said Yansen.[Hms1/eve. Photo: Ngamarudin]

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