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Opened by Governor of Bengkulu, ICLECG 2018 Was Successful and Lively

INTERNATIONAL Conference on Law, Environment, Culture and Globalization (ICLECG) 2018 held by the Faculty of Law, University of Bengkulu (FH UNIB) was officially opened by Plt. Governor of Bengkulu, Dr. Rohidin Mersyah, M.MA., at Hotel Santika, Bengkulu City, Thursday (11/10/2018).

This event was followed by dozens of experts and legal practitioners from within and outside the country who shared ideas to enrich the nature of science, especially in the field of law in accordance with the theme raised, namely “Harmonization of Asean Law to Actualize Economic Community.”

The opening of the event was marked by beating doll which is a traditional musical instrument of Bengkulu by Plt. Governor of Bengkulu, Dr. Rohidin Mersyah together with Vice Recotr for Academic Affairs of UNIB, Prof. Lizar Alfansi, S.E., M.BA.; and Dean of the Faculty of Law of UNIB, Prof. Dr. Herawan S, S.H., M.H.

The beating doll was also carried out jointly with the seminar speakers, Dr. Ukrisdh Musicpunth from Thaksin University – Thailand; Professor. Dr. Amnat Wongbandit from Thammasat University – Thailand; Prof. Madame Dr. Zainal from Universiti Utara Malaysia; and Dr. Candra Irawan from UNIB; as well as invited guests; the Rector of University of Muhammadiyah Bengkulu (UMB), Dr. Ahmad Dasan. After beating the doll, continued to the performance of Tabut dance which added to the excitement of the event.

Dean of the Faculty of Law UNIB, Prof. Dr. Herawan in his speech thanked all those who have succeeded the event, especially to Plt. Governor of Bengkulu who has supported and took the time to attend and open the event.

 Prof. Herawan said that this conferences is one of the real efforts of the Faculty of Law of UNIB in encouraging the realization of the vision of University of Bengkulu to become a World Class University in 2025, as well as a form of contribution in advancing regional development.

“We develop ourselves, look for partners and actively carry out international relationships, so that the field of learning, research and community service and the quality of graduates can increase. So far, the partnerships that have been established are with Thaksin University and Thammasat University in Thailand, Maastricht University and Universiti Utara Malaysia, “he said.

This conference was followed by 40 presenters and nearly 50 participants who would share ideas, expand networks of cooperation and equalize the perception of the legal field in facing the globalization era and ASEAN Community.

After carrying out the conference, the participants were invited to visit a number of mainstay attractions in Bengkulu City, including sailing to Tikus Island to enjoy the beautiful expanse of white sand and diving into the clear sea water. This was to support Bengkulu Wonderful which became the program of Provincial Government of Bengkulu .

Meanwhile, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs  of UNIB, Prof. Lizar Alfansi and Plt. Governor of Bengkulu, Dr. Rohidin Mersyah, M.MA., welcomed this event and gave an appreciation to Faculty of Law of UNIB which has held an international conference.

Plt. Governor of Bengkulu, Dr. Rohidin Mersyah on that occasion also invited all levels, especially academics in UNIB and other universities to synergize with each other to succeed government programs, especially in improving the quality of human resources, conducting research and studies, so that various potential natural resources can be managed optimally, providing benefit for the community and make Bengkulu more advanced and dignified.

“Synergy is important because we cannot walk alone in advancing this region. The government, universities and private parties as well as the community must work hand in hand, support each other to succeed in the programs that have been established, so that they can be successful and ultimately make Bengkulu a developed region on the island of Sumatra, “he said.

ICLECG 2018 was divided into two plenary sessions which at the first plenary session was delivered by Dr. Zainal Amin from Faculty of Law of UMM-Malaysia and Prof. Amnat Wongbandit from Faculty of Law of Thammasat University-Thailand  as the main speaker. While the second plenary session was presented by Dr. Urkisdh Musicpunt from Thaksin University-Thailand and Dr. Candra Irawan, M.Hum from the Faculty of Law, UNIB.

In the parallel session, presenters from outside Bengkulu included Bambang Hariyanto (BHP Institute Palembang), Nanik Mandasari (STIA Nusa Sungai Penuh, Jambi), Murry Darmoko (Bhayangkara University Surabaya), Dony Yusra Pebrianto (Jambi University), Hartati (Jambi University) , Henny Saida Flora (ST Thomas Medan Catholic University), Yohanes Suhardin (ST Thomas Medan Catholic University), Jafar Sidik (Langlangbuana University), Sentot Sudarwanto (Sebelas Maret University), Myrna A. Safitri (Pancasila University), A. Heru Nuswanto (Semarang University), Endah Pujiastuti (University of Semarang), Sri Walny Rahayu (Syah Kuala University), and Endang Purwaningsih (Yarsi University).

Then continued with the Presenters from Lecturers of Faculty of Law of UNIB, they are Emelia Kontesa, Ahmad Wali, Antory Royan Adyan, Edra Satmaidi, Herlambang, M. Yamani and Nursulistyo. In addition, the Presenters from Postgraduate of Law Sciences, they are Abi Pujangga Putra, Andrey Pramudia, Aulia Sulistira, Deasy Aritama, Deji Yovizan, Dwi Nirmala Anggraini, Dwi Rahma Okta Wulandari, Edwar Novrin, Eka Ilham Ferdiady, Elisyah Marsiah, Evadaseptia Nova, Indra Kusumawibawa, Jefri Guntoro, Muhammad Juriko Wibisono, Netha Margareth, Radi Meydiansyah, Raditya Maharani, and Yudha Herdiansyah. There were also presenters from Bengkulu, namely Ashibly, Laily Ratna and Syanurdin from Hazairin University (UNIHAZ)..[Hms1/eve]

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