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Master of Management of Faculty of Economics and Business (MM FEB UNIB) Towards International Accreditation of ABEST21

Master of Management of Faculty of Economics and Business (MM FEB) UNIB is currently conducting an international accreditation process by independent organization of The Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow, 21st Century Organization (ABEST21) based in Tokyo, Japan. This accreditation is to encourage the realization of UNIB’s vision to become World Class University (WCU) in 2025.

Following up on the accreditation process, Vice Rector of UNIB for Academic Affairs Prof. Lizar Alfansi, SE, MBA, Ph.D directed the delegation  of MM FEB UNIB for a meeting and discussion with the Assessment Team of ABEST 21 at its headquarters, Tokyo – Japan, Tuesday (11/27/2018).

The delegation of MM FEB UNIB who participated in the meeting was the Dean of FEB UNIB, Dr. Fahrudin JS Pareke; Vice Dean of FEB for Resources, Dr. Effed Darta Hadi, MBA; Coordinator of MM FEB UNIB, Dr. Slamet Widodo, M.S; Lecturer Staff of FEB UNIB, Dr. Roose Marina Rambe; and accompanied by the head of office of Partnership and International Affairs, Dr. Yansen.

MM UNIB delegation also attended several meetings and discussions with ABEST21. “The accreditation process has gone well and we are optimistic that in 2020 we will receive a full accreditation certificate from ABEST21,” said Coordinator of MM FEB UNIB Program, Dr. Slamet, Tuesday (11/27/2018).

ABEST21 is a business accreditation body for business schools, including the Management Study Program, at universities throughout the Asia Pacific. The institution founded in 2005 is based in Japan.

MM FEB UNIB became a member and received recognition from ABEST 21 as a fill membership since July 2017. With this recognition, MM FEB UNIB has been recognized internationally as a Master of Management Program and follows the accreditation process. For national accreditation, MM FEB UNIB has an A Accreditation status from BAN-PT.

Regarding ABEST21 accreditation process, MM FEB UNIB has begun the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) stage. “QIP has been accepted after the Peer Review Committee (PRC) process. Next, MM FEB UNIB must prepare a Self Check / Evaluation Report (SCR) document, “he said.

Dr.  Slamet added that based on the results of the meeting with ABEST21 party, they considered that QIP that had been prepared by MM FEB UNIB was very good. This then must be more measurable in the SCR. “SCR contains 26 standards outlined in 124 criteria,” he explained.

Since these various processes and stages of international accreditation were considered quite good by ABEST21, FEB UNIB delegation led by Prof. Lizar Alfansi is very optimistic about being able to reach the target by 2020 which MM FEB UNIB will be fully internationally accredited.[Hms1/eve]

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