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FMIPA and LPPM of UNIB Held Workshop on Writing International Journal Articles

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) in collaboration with the Institute of Research and Community Services (LPPM) of UNIB held a workshop on writing international journal articles, in the building B of UNIB, Tuesday (8/13/2019).

This activity is part of the World Class Professor Program, with the theme “How to write quality research papers for publication in reputable international journals.” Dr. Sal Prima Yudha S from the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is one of the recepients of World Class Professor program from Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education. In this program, he collaborated with Prof. Jeong In Han from Dongguk University in South Korea.

In the workshop attended by dozens of UNIB’s lecturers and researchers, Dr. Sal Prima Yudha and Prof. Jeong In Han were both present to share experiences and exchange information about writing articles in internationally reputable journals.

As a form of support and appreciation from UNIB for this activity, Rector of UNIB, Dr. Ridwan Nurazi, SE, M.Sc took time to attend and join the workshop with the main speaker, Prof. Jeong In Han. Then this event was also attended by the Head of Office of Partnership and International Affairs (KSLI) of UNIB, Dr. Yansen, S.Hut, M.Sc.

At this event, Rector explained the development of UNIB’s lecturer publications, policies and commitment of UNIB leaders towards the development of international research and publications. According to the Rector, for the last three years, the total publications of UNIB’s lecturers in international journals are 310 articles. While the scientific articles published in reputable international journals reached 220 articles.

Rector also said that the commitment and policy of the leadership of UNIB in the development of research and international publicity is such as by increasing financial support for UNIB’s internal research grants. In addition, the provision of publication incentives will also continue.

“Finally, to support and increase the number of scientific publications, we will prepare proofreader funded by UNIB to improve the language quality of articles that will be submitted to international journals,” said Dr. Ridwan Nurazi.

Increasing research collaboration and publication of scientific articles in international journals is closely related to how much UNIB already has a network of cooperation with universities abroad, because research collaboration strongly supports improving the quality of research and publications.

Related to the cooperation network between UNIB and abroad universities , the Head of KSLI UNIB, Dr. Yansen explained that currently the number and development of UNIB’s collaborative activities with universities abroad has increased.

Then Dr. Yansen said that research and publication collaboration is one of the important things in developing cooperation between UNIB and abroad universities. Many lecturers of UNIB conduct collaborative research with lecturers from universities abroad, whether it is funded by Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, UNIB’s Internal Affairs and the support of other institutions.

Dr. Yansen on this occasion also emphasized that the development of research collaboration is largely determined by the capacity of researchers and institutional support, both in terms of policy, as well as budget and resource allocation support. Therefore, he said, workshops like this must often be carried out in an effort to improve the academic atmosphere and publications at UNIB.

To Dr. Sal Prima Yudha, UNIB thanked and gave appreciation for bringing the World Class Professor Program to UNIB.

Meanwhile, Prof. Jeong In Han in this workshop explained the structure of scientific writing and various practical tips on writing scientific articles. According to him, not only the quality of written content, aspects of English are also important in writing scientific articles. Therefore, because English is also a second language in Korea, the university where he works provides a service unit to improve the language of scientific articles that will be published in reputable international journals.

Then, in research and publication of internationally reputable journals, Prof. Jeong In Han emphasized several things, including; 1. Originality (authenticity) and novelty aspects that are studied and published; 2. Excellent research planning and design; and 3. Making publications as a means of quality scientific story-telling.[Hms/KSLI/eve].

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