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Faculty of Agriculture of UNIB Held the 7th ICIST AATSEA in Bali

FACULTY of Agriculture of University of Bengkulu proudly participated and became one of the local organizers of the 7th International Conference on Integration of Science and Technology for Sustainable Development (7th ICIST) scheduled for November 26th – 29th of 2018, at The Patra Bali Resort and Villas, Bali – Indonesia.

In this activity, Rector of UNIB, Dr. Ridwan Nurazi, M.Sc also acted as one of the Vice Chairmen for this year’s conference and was asked to open the event officially in the presence of researchers and academics from 21 countries who are members of the Association of Agricultural Technology in Southeast Asia (AATSEA).

The 7th International Conference on Integration of Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in 2018 carried the theme “Water Conservation, Biological Diversity, Food and Agriculture Safety,” by presenting 12 plenary speakers, 159 oral presentations, 60 poster presentations with a total of  300 participants from 21 countries.

The 21 participating countries were, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, India, China, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Russia, Syria, the Philippines, Botswana, Egypt, Finland, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Nigeria, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and Syria.

At this conference, researchers and academics discussed and integrated the topics of their research in the fields of biology and technology related to agriculture needed by humans and sustainable development.

The conference was held because AASTEA as a source of knowledge has the responsibility and awareness to serve the community by providing education, research and development in the fields of biology and technology, especially in the multi-disciplinary aspect.

This activity also aims to add and strengthen international cooperation networks between AASTEA members, and become a forum for discussion, information sharing and knowledge exchange between researchers and scientists who are looking for new visions in all related topics.

More specifically, the conference explored the following topics: Agriculture related to biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, engineering, plant science (agronomy, horticulture, post-harvest, zoology, aquaculture, biology control, entomology, science food, plant pathology, soil science), economics, extension, rural development, sustainable agriculture and environmental science.

At the peak of this event, AASTEA gave awards to researchers, academics and scientists from a number of countries who were considered to have a high commitment and consistent in developing the science of agriculture and sustainable development.

In 2017, an international award from AATSEA was given to a lecturer of University of Bengkulu Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Dr. Zainal Muktamar, M.Sc as an outstanding leader in agricultural education and research. The award was given at the 6th international conference on the Integration of Science and Technology for Sustainable Development (6th ICIST) in Philippines.

At the 7th ICIST 2018, AATSEA Outstanding Achievement Award (Education and Research) was given to Prof. Dewa Ngurah Suprapta from Indonesia and Professor Dr. Danilo Sarcon Josue from Philippines. Then Outstanding Achievement in Community Development / Research Leadership was given to Prof. Dr. Thanuku Samuel Sampath Kumar Patro from India, Outstanding Achievement in the Community Development Award was given to Prof. Dr. Hiroyuki Konuma from Japan and Ms. Junaflor Sarmiento-Cerilles from Philippines. [Hms1/Tita.ksli/eve]

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