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RECTOR of UNIB, Dr. Ridwan Nurazi, M.Sc accompanied by Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Dr. Syahrial, M.Phil.; Vice Rector for Planning and Cooperation, Dr. Ardilafiza, SH., M.Hum.; Deans and Vice Deans as well as the Head of Bureaus, received visits and held discussions with dozens of participants of the Domestic Strategic Study (SSDN) of the Regular Force Education Program (PPRA) LVII of National Resilience Institute (Lemhannas) of the Republic of Indonesia, in the Rector’s Meeting Room III of UNIB, Thursday (08/30/2018).

The discussion was also attended by the rectors of private universities, including Rector of the University of Muhammadiyah Bengkulu (UMB), Dr. H. Ahmad Dasan, SH, MA.; Rector of the University of Prof. Hazairin (UNIHAZ), Dr. Ir. Yulfiperius, M.Sc.; and Rector of Dehasen University (UNIVED), Prof. Dr. agr. Johan Setianto.

The visitation was led by Indonesian National Army (TNI), Marshal Yoyok Yeki Setiono accompanied by Lemhannas’s Experts and Teachers in Economics, Prof. Dr. Didin S Damanhuri, SE, MS, DEA. Upon arrival at UNIB, they were welcomed directly by Rector of UNIB and other UNIB’s leaders.

In his speech, Prof. Didin S Damanhuri explained that this visit was part of the 57th and 58th generation of Domestic Strategic Study (SSDN) of Lemhannas. Besides visiting Bengkulu, there were three other areas to be visited, namely North Sulawesi, Gorontalo and West Sumatra.

Before going to UNIB, the SSDN group had visited and discussed with the Government of Bengkulu Province, the Government of Bengkulu City, the Regional Police of Bengkulu, the Garuda Emas Military District 041, and visited Pelindo II Bengkulu to find out the progress of the government’s plan to make Pulau Baii region as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

“Our goal is to find out at the same time to study regional strategic conditions that cover various aspects, such as politics, economy, social, health, and regional security, which ultimately measure national and regional resilience. The results of this strategic study will later become input for the president in developing various development policies, “said Prof. Didin Damanhuri.

Although the time is limited, only about one hour, but the discussion took place dynamically. The important issue that surfaced is the problem of poverty and the backwardness of Bengkulu Province, even though this area was very rich with various natural resource potentials.

Responding to the poverty issue in Bengkulu, Rector of UNIB, Dr. Ridwan Nurazi, in accordance with the Tri Dharma function of higher education, UNIB itself has produced a lot of research, studies of poverty alleviation efforts recommended to the government in addition to the main task of carrying out education to create reliable human resources.

Even UNIB has a network of good cooperation with academics, researchers and experts who are concerned in poverty alleviation on an international scale, the Asian region. The international cooperation network is RENPER (Regional Network on Poverty Eradication), where UNIB is one of the initiators of the founding of the association, and currently Rector of UNIB is the President of RENPER.

“But here (handling the problem of poverty, red), we are not as policy executors because of constrained regulations. What we are doing is giving inputs, recommendations from research and studies, which at the level of implementation are submitted and adjusted to the conditions of the local government, “said Rector.

Then the effort to overcome the high unemployment rate, said Rector, to students in addition to growing and developing soft skill, are also given various other skill improvement programs, encouraging the development of creativity and innovation through various student programs. Even the alumni are always emphasized to change the stigma of graduating from college to become a civil servant (PNS) only, but to become entrepreneurs and generations who are ready to face the disruption era.

In relation to the strategic program, the Port of Pulau Baii Region becomes a Special Economic Zone that can boost the progress of Bengkulu Province. Rector welcomes it and as an institution that has reliable human resources, UNIB is ready to synergize with relevant parties to realize the program.

“When GM Pelindo II Bengkulu was held up by Mr. Drajat, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to realize the Pulau Baii region as a SEZ. Just waiting for the follow-up, we are ready to work together to advance the Bengkulu Province, “said Rector.

In line with Rector of UNIB, three Rectors from other universities also hoped that the visit from SSDN Lemhannas could produce a strategic study that would be the input for the central government to give more attention to Bengkulu in formulating and implementing development policies, so that this area will no longer be an underdeveloped region.

The event was ended with an exchange of souvenirs between Rector of UNIB, Dr. Ridwan Nurazi and Experts from Lemhannas, Prof. Didin Damanhuri, and took a photo with all of SSDN participants. [Hms1/eve/Foto:Ngamarudin]

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