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Department of Mathematics Held A Visiting World Class Professor

DEPARTMENT of Mathematics of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) UNIB held a visiting the world class professor by presenting Prof. Dr. Hadi Susanto from the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Essex, United Kingdom, Monday (5/11/2018) in the main meeting room of the UNIB rectorate building.

The head of the organizing committee, Fachri Faisal, S.Si, M.Sc. said, this activity will be held for two days. On the first day is  a public lecture in the main meeting room of rectorate building with the theme “How to Approach Potential Academic Supervisors for Scholarships and Research Collaborations,” then followed by the Mathematics Workshop Session I with the theme “Dynamical Systems in PDEs” in the 2nd floor FMIPA’s meeting room.

On the second day, Tuesday (6/11/2018), a General Lecture was held in the main meeting room of the rector building with the theme “Scientific Publications” and then continued with the Mathematics Workshop Session II with the theme “Dynamical Systems in PDEs” in the 2nd floor FMIPA meeting room .

This activity was attended by Mathematics Department lecturers, Head of the Department and Coordinator of the Study Programs of FMIPA UNIB, lecturer representatives from Mathematics Education Study Program of FKIP, lecturer representatives of the Faculty of Engineering, lecturer representatives of the Faculty of Agriculture, lecturers of representatives of Mathematics Education Study Program of UMB,  IAIN Bengkulu, IAIN Curup, Mathematics teachers of High/Vocational Schools and hundreds of Mathematics Department students.

“We are very proud to have carried out this activity and would like to thank all those who have helped the smoothness and success of this event,” Fachri said.

Chairperson of the Mathematics Department of FMIPA UNIB, Dr. Mulia Astuti, M.Sc., in his speech said that visiting world class professor is intended to enable lecturers / researchers to interact with well-known and superior professors, so that they can improve their academic life, competence, quality and contribution to the development of science and technology and strengthening national innovation systems in efforts to use as optimal as possible the diversity of natural resources for the welfare of the Indonesian people.

Meanwhile, the Dean of FMIPA UNIB, Dr. Zulbahrum Chaniago, MS thanked Prof. Hadi Susanto who took the time to visit UNIB to share knowledge with lecturers and students.

According to Dr. Zulbahrum Chaniago, in addition to improve the academic atmosphere, this activity also aims to encourage the realization of the institution’s vision to become World Class University (WCU) in 2025.

“This activity will be carried out continuously. In addition to face-to-face public lectures like this, we will design long distance public lectures with teleconference systems or other media, so that interactions with lecturers and researchers abroad continue to be carried out and become a forum for exchanging knowledge across countries, “he said.

This activity was opened by Rector of UNIB Dr. Ridwan Nurazi, M.Sc; and was also attended by Vice Rector for Planning and Cooperation, Dr. Ardilafiza, SH, M. Hum; Head of Office of Partnership and International Affairs (UPT KSLI), Yansen, Ph.D; Chair of the University Development Agency, Dr. Alamsyah; Vice Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and other invitees.

The Rector welcomed and greatly appreciated this activity and hoped that the partnership and collaboration between FMIPA UNIB and academics abroad could be sustainable, so as to be able to produce international-scale scientific work and publications.

“To Prof. Hadi, welcome to Bengkulu and thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and knowledge with students and lecturers here, “he said.[Hms1/eve]

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